3 Easy Ways to Archive Your Website Into Profitable Books and Ebooks

Follow bloggers: I’ve seen the future, you’ve missed it. Oh sure, our blog considers us to be the most up-to-date, most advanced, tech-savvy people on the planet. But one of the biggest changes in the history of content creation is happening right under your feet, and I’m afraid it could be passed by you.

Yes, the ground is shifting, wealth is being made, Afghanistan Phone Number List and some of the people who can benefit from this structural shift – content production – are mostly on the sidelines. OK, so what do I say? In the book publishing revolution… Maybe you’ve heard the success stories of some authors who have sold a ton of supernatural romances.

Why Book Publishing Makes Meaningful Blogs

Thrillers or other genre fiction on Amazon’s Kindle platform , but that ‘s not what I’m talking about. You’ve probably also heard of big-name authors such as Barry Eisler, Stephen King, Seth Godin and others leading the way in self-publishing. It’s not it. What I’m talking about is that some bloggers are already posting in Expert: Niche. blogger with Let’s back up for a minute. Have you ever wondered about the similarities between self-publishing and blogging?

Afghanistan Phone Number List
Afghanistan Phone Number List

Maybe not, why would you? But as a blogger who writes independent books and publishes, I feel this stuff all the time. Here’s what I saw at this amazing moment of publication. Both self-publishers and bloggers are only half the equation for success in the new field of book publishing . Take the author. Most are producing long content (as long as 80,000 words) of the same stuff really well.

An Unfair Advantage for Bloggers

With months or years of staying focused on complex engineering projects planned with freelance contractors without losing focus. The many authors are notoriously loners, often non-technical, and also have no contact with readers last year, and their mentality is completely rooted in the 19th century. Not only that, but the typical author has no concept of what marketing is actually in the real world. This might make a blog feel like it’s not bad.

It’s true that bloggers keep in constant contact with their readers, know how to publish on schedule, readers get constant feedback, try agile content by loving , and other bloggers in their niche are highly networked. But there are hurdles that niche bloggers need to overcome.

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