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Two of the most promising services of 2009 involved semi-automated intelligence. In the incessant flow of data and links that we receive, any help in prioritizing and classifying information can only be useful. Cozop is a promising service, as is Twitter Times . A newcomer makes a remarkable entrance on this land. Cadmus doesn’t just sort through your Twitter feed, it also takes care of your RSS feed. A complete service that will save you time and facilitate your processing of information! Colombia WhatsApp Number List started, sign up for the service by authenticating yourself with Twitter. Your Twitter feed will then be resumed and prioritized according to the recurrence of the links (or the quote) in your timeline.

Cozop Is a Promising Service

You can easily modify the period of time studied (since the last connection, the last 3 hours, the last 3 days, etc.). One click will be enough to see the people who have mentioned this link. You can even retweet or reply to the person Colombia WhatsApp Number List feed. On this side, difficult to do more complete at the interaction level. But Cadmus goes further. It doesn’t stop at Twitter, you can import an OMPL feed containing all (or part) of your RSS feeds. In this way, Cadmus becomes a true online observation center. A watch centralizer! For those who are still there, it is also possible to add its Friendfeed feed. At the risk of duplicating Twitter…cadmus In active times when you don’t have much time to devote to your monitoring, Cadmus can be a valuable ally.

For Those Who Are Still There

Colombia WhatsApp Number List
Colombia WhatsApp Number List

Being able to skim over the news quickly by aggregating different media, an idea worth exploring! Small bonus, the API is open. Edit Cadmus has just launched a really cool new feature. You now have the option of viewing the Trending Topics of your contacts, and only of them! Great for seeing what the members you follow are talking about. trending Once the Trending Topic has been chosen, you will have access to messages with this Colombia WhatsApp Number List, whether they come from Twitter or RSS feeds that you have imported. Ideal for an overview of the subject in one click. trending topics One more reason to test the service! Edit 2 Definitely, we can’t stop them anymore.

Cadmus has just launched a new feature. You can now view the most popular tweets in each of your lists! Ideal for doing a thematic watch. Twitter lists are of interest to people who follow many accounts or who are looking to categorize their readings. The automation of the feedback of interesting content therefore becomes thematic. If after that you still don’t test the service, I don’t understand…

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