12 Ways to Archive Your Old, Dusty Blog to Cold, Hard Cash

Have you ever looked back through an old blog post and thought, “Why should I give up all this brilliant writing for free?” Well, here’s some good news: Unless the title of your blog is last night’s baseball scores or this week’s hurricanes, what about the revenue potential of those old posts. its loads .

If your articles have evergreen, Turkey Phone Number List very useful information , they can be turned into paid products . With a little bit of effort, you can restructure, reuse, repackage, repurpose and repurpose old substances into new forms. And people are willing to pay for them . Yes I know. It’s illogical – why don’t they just go back and read your blog for free? Most readers don’t have it at all.

Easy Ways to Earn From Dusty Archives

Happily, some people would rather shell out their hard-earned money for your content to be published in a different format for more convenience, fancier, or better tissue slicing. So, don’t let them down… 12 Easy Ways to Earn from Dusty Archives Ebooks, once you’ve accumulated around 50-100 posts, you have enough material that you can repackage as an ebook. Maybe two-thirds of my first ebook was an adaptation of my first 75 blog post.

Turkey Phone Number List
Turkey Phone Number List

You can cut your posts to stack in different ways and also use the same post in multiple ebooks. Create a “20 Best Blog Posts” ebook, for example, a few short ebooks “The Best of the Pack” for some of your most popular topics that you answered readers’ questions. Teleclass, print out a couple of blog posts and calls, they read them off a little bit, take some questions from the audience, and you’ve got a teleclass.

Do You Have Cash Sitting in Your File?

Charge a fee, or make the class feel free to draw a larger crowd. Then, sell other products to your teleclass audience live, and sell class records on your website. You can also use recordings as an incentive for freebies to help stimulate sales of high-ticket products. . Webinar Add some striking PowerPoint slides to the teleclass. And it’s now a full webinar – worth more money – while still basically just recycling your blog posts.

Don’t forget to broadcast a limited-time product or service offer during the extra sale rake. No other products? Pre-sell the next webinar you plan to do with another set of old blog posts. Pay to participate. Live, conduct the webinar in front of an in-person audience,

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